Easy break dance is an institute of Dancers & Choreographers who organizes Break Dance school programs for elementary,middle and high school levels and occasions as weddings, birthday parties, corporate.Their mission is to build communities through dance and music while providing opportunities for dancers & artists.


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AsthmApp is the future of asthma management. With AsthmApp, you can get help when you need it, monitor your asthma, learn more about asthma, and have your health stats easily exported for health professionals to review. You’ll also never miss an appointment or your daily inhaler with our custom notifications.

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we used latest technology to make its design like html5 , css and bootsrap librarry.

All Device Compatible

this website can be viewed all devices , like desktop , laptop , tablet , and mobile.


we made this site with latest version of wordpress and php 7.

All Browser Compatibility upport

This website support all modern browser like EI, Safari , Mozilla and Google Chrome Etc.

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